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Harshdeep Kaur

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Harshdeep Kaur is a singer and composer based out of Mumbai, India.


Born 16 December 1986 into a Sikh family in Delhi, Harshdeep inherited music from her father, Savinder Singh, who owned a factory of musical instruments.


Her foray into learning music began at the age of six. She began taking lessons in Indian Classical Music from Mr. Tejpal Singh, popularly known as the Singh Brothers, as well as Western Classical Music from George Pullinkala at the Delhi Music Theatre. Later, at the age of twelve, to explore the world of music, she joined the Delhi School of Music to learn piano.


After getting her first big break in Bollywood by singing ‘Ik Onkar’ for the Bollywood film Rang De Basanti with music composed by A.R Rahman, Harshdeep has risen to become a popular name and face in Sufi as well as playback circles.


She has since sung playback several times for A.R Rahman and also branched out and worked with Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, Amit Trivedi, Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam.      


Besides playback Harshdeep has also:
Competed and won the singing competition Junoon – Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka on NDTV Imagine in September 2008


Featured on all 3 seasons of MTv’s Coke Studio (India). Each season that too with a different music director. ‘Hoo’ with Leslie Lewis on S1, ‘Nirmohiya’ with Amit Trivedi on S2 and ‘Hey Ri’ Hitesh Sonik on S3.  

Sung the title track ‘Saiyaan’ for the tv show ‘Baani: Ishq Da Kalma’


Mentored an up and coming Sufi band named Nasya as part of MTv’s and Ray Ban’s ‘Never Hide Sounds’ project.


Performed live concerts world over with a variety of artists, ranging from Attaullah Khan to Shafqat Amanat Ali to A.R Rahman.




‘Ik Onkar’ by Harshdeep Kaur.




Harshdeep had sung the ‘mool mantra’ or the opening verse of what is referred to as the Japji Sahib, a traditional Sikh hymn composed by Sikhism founder and philosopher Guru Nanak for ‘Ik Onkar’ as part of AR Rahman’s music for the soundtrack of Bollywood film Rang De Basanti.


However, enthusiasts of Sufism and believers of the Sikh faith are probably aware that that opening verse is followed by 38 more verses and a final salok or shloka that ends the composition.


Harshdeep has, along with producer/recordist K.J Singh recorded her rendition of the entire Japji Sahib from start to finish, keeping in mind minimal arrangement so as to retain the focus on the depth of the guru’s message.


The album serves as a spiritual and meditative journey punctuated by the thoughts and profound wisdom of the founder of Sikhism through his poetry.

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